Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Family Vacation - Part 2: Hiking

One of Jeff's favorite things to do is hike.  He would be outside all the time if he could.  Me, not so much, I'd rather sit inside in the air conditioning, doing less dirty things.  BUT - every now and then, I do enjoy getting out in the woods.  This trip was all about the woods, the water, and relaxing.  So our small hike was great!  Our last big family hike in the Smokies was a good half day event.  Way too long for this Momma, carrying kids and the walking ones almost falling off cliffs.  This one was just 3/4 mile each way.  Walked along a river the whole time, listening the small waterfalls and rushing water.  Jeff was in heaven!  

Starting out our hike!
Jeff and the kids - they love the water too!

I do it myself Mommy.

It's a miracle getting all 3 to actually look at the camera!

Such big steps for such a little boy.

Haley loved being the "tour guide" to those coming up behind us.  

I love watching Jeff with the kids.  It just makes me smile!

Crazy faces!  

Me and my Haley girl

This is one of my favorites!

And another one!  Love it!

My girls!  Finally finished

Our family hike 

Family Vacation - Fishing

Family Vacation 2013

This year we decided to to take a little mini vacation to a lake house.  This fall has been a busy one, and it's about to get even crazier!  Jeff found this great ROOMY house on Center Hill Lake, near Cookeville.  We had room to spread out, enjoy the outdoors, and relax in the cool evenings. What a great time being out there with little distractions.

The view off our back deck

Kids trying to finish breakfast so they could go fishing!

Jonah loved all the free roaming outside!

How gorgeous is this lake?

Jeff putting the worms on the hooks
Jonah just wanted to jump in the water

Waiting for a fish to bite - they were all around, but none bit

And Caitlin got one!

Super happy and a little scared little girl!

Trying another spot - and note the cool fog on the lake behind her!

Look Mom!!  A WORM!!

My crazy girl!  

Boy LOVE climbing!  He wouldn't let me help him!  Where is my little boy???

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Haley Turns 9

I just realized, I have not blogged in just shy of ONE year!  Wow!  Uh - didn't intend on that.  

Haley turns 9 tomorrow!  Crazy!!  She's in 4th grade and seems so old!  She's loving reading, animals, reading about animals, horses, crafts, mermaids, and the color purple.

 We decided to do a carnival party this year.  
Here's the popcorn cupcakes.  :) pretty cool, huh?  It's just marshmallows.  you pinch them in half, and put a bunch on an iced cupcake.  The butter look is yellow food coloring in some water.

 Our games were Balloon Darts

 A photo booth
 Ring Toss
 Pin the Nose on the Clown

 Photo booth fun!!

Snacks and prizes
 Caitlin and our sweet cousin Ellery

 Jonah trying to play too.