Monday, November 23, 2009


This weekend we decided we were going to start doing more hiking. :)  Over here in flat West TN, there are no real hills even to hike.  But we found a little state park about 45 minutes away.  Yesterday, we drove out there after church to hike.  We stopped a little ways into the hike and had a picnic lunch.  Then on we went.  Caitlin was in a carrier on Jeff's stomach, and Haley Grace was the trail blazer.  I think that was a term from my husbands childhood.

So we walked an hour in, and came upon a natural spring.  It was kinda neat - there was a well built around it, and you could see bubbles coming up from the sand.  All around was beautiful bright green bamboo! 
 As we were headed back, Haley Grace and I were in the front - Jeff says "hey look!" - we turn back, and there right beside the little path was a snake!  It was big, but didn't look harmful.  Why didn't we see it?  From one of our last little adventures, I learned to watch my foot path, as I stepped on a big bad snake with out noticing.  So now I watch my feet, but this was just out of my sight path.  Haley wanted to mess with it to watch it move, oh the little lessons. 
We also talked about erosion.   There were these huge eroded paths that made Haley ask why it was that way.  So she learned about erosion.
As we were headed back, Haley was clearly getting pretty tired.  But being the trail blazer was what she needed to keep her going.  No complaining or whining!  Big difference from the last time we tried this!  

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Dream Come True!

Above: Table for 6-8 good size for just normal table
Below: Extends with 2 leafs, to fit up to 12 people!!!

So for years I have dreamed about what our life would be like when our kids were older. Friday night pizza night is one of those dreams, but to go with that, I dream of having lots of kids fill my house at any given time, and hope that our children feel comfortable to welcome their friends over for dinner whenever. Well, if we have 3 or 4 kids, and they each had a friend or two, and Jeff and I - that would be a LOT of people eating dinner at once. ... This week, my love made a dream come true for me! We bought a table for our dining room - it seats TWELVE people!!! YAY for Pottery Barn Outlet sales!!!! We got the deal of deals - I'd been eyeing a table that I loved, but being as it was $1700 just for the table I quickly forgot about it. But then it showed up at the outlet for $850!! Cha-Ching! oh but wait - I had a gift card for $100! Oh and ... it was on sale for another 25% off!!!! WOO HOO!!! We only paid $596 for a $1700 table!! Now, tell me that is not an amazing deal!? :) But now, we need chairs - so those will wait til I can find them for a good deal too!! Dinner anyone?