Saturday, August 27, 2011

Haley's Party

The day before Haley's 7th birthday, she lost her 7th tooth!  And 2 days later, she lost the 8th.  This girl has holes all in her mouth! 

This year for Haley's birthday - she desperately wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese.  I'm NOT a fan of that place.  I  LOVE to do parties at our home.  We decided to let Haley go, but gave her the choice - have three friends to C E C, or lots of friends over to the house - she chose the Cheese.  I thought - at least I still get to make her cake.  I turned to Haley and asked what kind of cake I could make her, her response?  "Can we buy one at the store?"  WHAT?!?!?!?!?  A store bought cake, Chuck E Cheese, what's next?  My girl is growing up and before I know it she won't need me for anything.  Ok, so she is growing up -and it will be ok.  {sigh}  I talked her into letting me make her cake - cause she really just wanted this barbie cake, and had no idea I could make it.

Papa Jan came in from Knoxville to celebrate with us

Happy Birthday sweet girl! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Boy and His Dog

Ok, so maybe Roscoe isn't this boy's dog just yet.  But I realized Jonah and Caitlin haven't been around Roscoe like Haley had been at that age.  So in came Roscoe for a little bonding time with the babies.

 And of course - football is just around the corner - a friend of mine got Jonah this cute UT sleeper.  I know it's hot out, but we just had to put it on in preparation for football!

On The Move

Jonah is on the move!  The other day, I was talking to my sister, and I looked down to see Jonah reaching for a toy - before I could give it to him, he pushed up on his hands, and scooted forward 2 or 3 times!  AHHH!  He's sooo cute doing it too!  But I am a little biased. 

Last week was the 6 month check up too - here's his stats:

27 in long - 71%
16.5 lbs - 25%
head - 58%

I think he's along the same lines as Haley was.  She may have been more like 10ish% in weight.  I guess little man just likes his food - obvious by the wild kicking as the bottle or food comes into eye sight!!

Here's the video of him scooting:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Haley turns 7

My first baby is 7 and just started 2nd grade.  I can't believe she's 7 already.  It seems like just yesterday she was 4 wanting a princess party with anything and everything pink she could imagine.  Now, she wants a Chuck E Cheese party.  No frills, nothing homemade.  She even wanted a store bought cake!  Although I was able to convince her I could make the same cake as the one she saw at Kroger.  Thinking back to her birthday's in the past, she was such a little girly girl.  Now she's seems so grown up.
Some about Haley:
* She no longer wants to be called Haley Grace, just Haley. 
* She's lost 7 teeth, and has at least 1 more that is loose.
* She LOVES school!  At the end of school last year, she was so sad that she had to go 2 months with no school.  Her favorite subject is reading!  This summer, she read over 20 hours!!
* Haley is such a big help around the house!  She loves to do anything for me to make my day better.  A little hug to say I love you, drawing me a picture, cleaning up a mess with out being asked just so I don't have to do it (usually from her sister).  And she loves to do the vacuuming and dusting and moping.  She is such a blessing to me!
* She got to go to a gymnastics camp this summer - LOVED it!!  Hopefully we'll enroll in that this fall.

At gymnastics camp this summer

On the farm with Pop!  Like her Mamma, she LOVES the 4 wheeler!!

Haley loves her baby brother. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jonah is 6 months!!

Today, Jonah is 6 months old!  WOW!  I can't believe he's that big already!!!  He's getting so big and seems to be such an older baby all of a sudden.  

Let's see, here is a little about our boy:

* He is around 18 lbs (we find out his real stats next week)
* He had his first haircut at 5 months, and could use another trim.  I think we'll let it go a little longer though.
* He is loving food!  He's got all the basics down, and can't get enough.  He kicks his little legs as he sees me walk to him with his food, and screams if I turn away with it.
* He laughs all the time!  Giggles are a frequent sound.
* I'm thinking he might actually be starting to sleep through the night - up until a week or so ago, he'd been getting up 2 or 3 times still.  Now it's been just around 10, then 6 or 7!!  Yay for better sleep all around!
* Rolling both ways is a constant exercise program for him!  He can also scoot himself around in a circle to get toys.
* There are 2 teeth in our little man's mouth!  After cutting teeth for 2 whole months, those little boogers finally came through.  Now we have a much happier little man.

Jonah eating some banana - whole in the mesh thing.  SUPER messy - but he loved every second of it!

This is how I found them this morning, I had Jonah in here to play, and Caitlin climbed in and made herself at home.
I think that is about it.  We've had 6 months of crazy, wonderful and tiring fun.  Three kids has been a bigger adjustment than I realized it would be.  There's all kinds of reasons for that, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Thank you God for giving me these 3 little blessings! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

End of Cousin Time

I'm not sure exactly what we did the rest of the week.  I know it was much less structured - I think I was in a little survival mode.

There was lots of cereal eating - and lots of it on the floor!

Silly faces

Attacking baby brother with sweet hugs.

Popcorn is a great movie snack!

Zoned into a movie

Big sister hugs and kisses

Add caption

All three were calm and quiet for just a short time. . .  watching a movie.

Haley LOVES being a big sister

And baby Jonah loves the action

We had such a fun time with cousin W!   So glad you got to come stay with us for a week!

Cousin Time (Cont)

Not sure how the rest of the days played out exactly. (that's what I get for waiting so long to post the rest)  But here are the rest of the weeks pictures of our fun time with Little W!

Little W starting to paint!

Haley had a great time painting.  She loves her arts and crafts!

Caitlin enjoyed the paints as well.

We also got out the beans from when Haley was little.  There are maybe 5 different kinds of beans.  You just let them play - try to sort them, fill containers, pour, etc.

W was more precise in his moving - wanted to just grab one at a time and put it exactly where he wanted it to go.

At first Caitlin didn't want to do it any way - she would grab a handful of the beans - and just dump them and mush them together.  After a little encouragement, she figured out how to put the like ones together.