Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So far, I have not done a lot of just blogging.  I tend to use this as more of a share my pictures page.  But this weekend I went on a women's retreat with my church.  While I had an incredible time and the topic was just perfect for me (Life in the Midst of a Mess) - even more amazing was how God used a girl that I roomed with.  She has older kids, so I kept seeking her advice on discipline as well as many issues we are having.  Now, I don't know this girl well, I've seen her at church and we have been aquaintances.  But this girl was just a gift from God.  I don't know many people who will just tell you totally honestly something, while being bold and loving at the same time.  But she was!  She kept pointing out that I am not focusing on a relationship with the discipline.  I tend to harp all over the discipline issues, but when it comes to a relationship with my daughter I run.  I use excuses such as "all she ever does is whine and complain, the last thing I want to do is spend MORE time with her." Oh how wrong I am.  How can I expect her to love, respect and obey me when there is a longing for a deeper relationship with me?  Also tiing in what the speaker was saying at a point, - God initiates the relationship with us.  Hello!!  I am the adult!  It's my responsibility to initiate a relationship with my child.  God loves me even though I fight and complain about everything to him.  Could this be that my child is a perfect picture of how I am toward God?  And oh am I so thankful that God responds differently to me!!  My prayer for now is that I learn to 1) respond!  not react! 2) love totally unconditionally and 3) that I seek every opportunity to build a deeper and long lasting relationship with my wonderful child.