Friday, April 16, 2010

A trip to the beach - ALONE!

So a few weeks ago, my love came to me with the idea that we needed a vacation. Totally agreed. Now, the question was "where do we go?" and "what do we do with our kids?" Not that many people would like to stop and watch someone else's 2 kids that are 5 and 10 months old. Oh ... but wait - my sister has 5 kids, would she maybe be up for another adventure? ... YES!!! Dabney was more than willing to help us out by watching our girls so we could have some alone time. This is the first time we've taken a trip just us - no one else - since our honeymoon, 8 years ago! Oh what a WONDERFUL trip this was!!! We decided to go down to Florida, and just relax on the beach. Weather was WONDERFUL, and we did nothing. :) We got up when we felt like it, although it was earlier than I had imagined. We took our time doing everything, sat on the beach until we felt like coming up. We went out to eat each night - and just relaxed. (we did see so many other people out with their kids, which made me miss my girls - but then they'd start with a fit or something, and I decided I would just enjoy my time of not making someone finish the plate of food that just cost me $8, or not constantly telling someone to stop messing with this or that, or to just sit down we'd be done soon.)

this is us at Elmo's on 30A. A memory for me.
Jeff got all you can eat Snow Crab!
Waking up with no kids to tend to. :)