Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Busy Time

So this year has been a little bit on the crazy side.  
In Jan 08, we accepted a job in Memphis, TN.  
Jeff is working with International Paper.  
We moved across the state to Memphis at the end of January,
 and rented a house.   

Haley Grace started her first Mother's Day Out program
 not far from our house.  
She LOVED it!  She's such a social bug -
 she really enjoys being with people!

Around late Spring, early summer, we started trying to get pregnant.  
After 7 months, we were finally pregnant!  
I never thought about the stress that comes with that - 
and my spirits began to sink.  
Around the middle of that time, 
I really began to be ok with where we were, 
yet really desired to have another child.  
It was something I had to lift up to God.  
I'm thankful that he continually reminded me of his love for me 
and the plans he had for me, 
even though they were unknown to me.
Early fall came, and YAY!!!  We were pregnant!  
Haley Grace was so excited that she was going to be a big sister!  
Although, it was only if we were going to have a girl.  

Not long after we told people, 
my sister Dabney announced she too would be having another child!!  
How much fun!  
We are due just 3 weeks apart from each other!

Jeff and I felt (and still do) that God 
had brought us to Memphis for the second time now, 
so we should dig in and get in the mindset that we were here for a while.  
So ... we bought a house!  This is our 4th house.  
And it will be our ninth move in 7 years! 
 We have a hard time staying still.  :)  
So the month of December has been a 
LONG one for many reasons, 
but the main one is that we are redoing a foreclosure home.  
It's needed LOTS of work! 

Christmas came and we were not ready for it at all!  
Before I knew it it was the weekend before, 
and we really hadn't done much shopping. 
An unexpected death occurred in our family that weekend.  
It was  a sad time.  
My cousin Cal had died unexpectedly at a young age. 

My mom came here for Christmas, 
and thus started our 4 Christmas's of 2008.
1) our house Christmas Morning with mom, 
then Richard and Caroline came for dinner 
2) With cousins and aunts and uncles at Richard's on Sat night - 
dinner and gift exchange.  
Holl got to come home this year!
3) Christmas with Dad on Sunday - 
me, Holl, and Dabney and our families
and 4) the next week we traveled 
across the state back to Knoxville.
We spent a few days there and are now back home, 
Haley is sick and so pittiful.  

Our house is getting new heating and air this week, next week - 
new carpet and tile!!  Then we move!!!
We are so ready to be in this house!  
It's seemed like such an ordeal to get this house ready, 
but totally worth it!