Monday, June 4, 2012

More Projects

{Again - forgotten post, didn't realize I had so many saved as drafts.  This was right at Christmas}

So no, this is not a project, unless you count finally cutting Jonah's hair - but it is just too cute.   I love his smile!

Jonah has been needing a dresser.  I have
n't wanted to spend a lot of money on one.  One night I was on the way to the grocery, talking to my sister on the phone, driving Jeff's truck.  I look over, and see our neighbor 2 doors down is throwing this out!  I stopped and snagged it.  Score!  Got it home and realized why they were tossing it.  Both of the sides were destroyed pretty bad, but we fixed it by putting a sheet of 1/4 in plywood over.  Now I'm painting it - and stressing it.  All that's left is the Polycrylic to protect the paint.  {and to find new hardware}

The start of our new Christmas tradition: Gingerbread houses.  {some of us get more excited and into it than others}

First up: mine - complete with a chimney for the wonderful fires.

Second: Jeff's
He had a Helipad - but a little munchkin kept eating everyone's creations. 

Lastly: Haley's
Jeff called it the compound.  She was oh so proud of it!  And I was too.  We had so much fun decorating them.  Next year we'll start a little earlier, to give us more time to be creative! 

Playing around

{Another forgotten post}

Most days we hang out around the house, usually in pj's for a while.  
 Caitlin LOVES her little brother!  She's taken to guiding him around, watching him, and of course correcting him. :)  This was her attempt to hug him.

Here's Caitlin playing in some pasta.  This was our first day of potty training.  Hit it pretty hard core all day, she got it pretty good.  She just doesn't really come tell me when she has to go.  But as long as I take her about every hour or so, she stays dry!

Right before Easter - we made sugar cookies for a homeless shelter.  Both girls loved cutting out cookies and icing them.  Pretty sure the loved the icing the most! 

Another love hug.

"Thanks Pop!" He loves his monkey.

Caitlin's sweet face

Say Cheese!  Big ole smile!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jonah's Birthday!

{woops - looks like I forgot to post this - 4 months ago - next post is Caitlin's party}

Caitlin's Third Birthday

We had Caitlin's party today. 
 Rainbows were the theme this year.  Everything was full of color.  Her cake was a 6 tier rainbow cake!  With Cream cheese icing, decorated with different size M&M's.  She loved her cake, which made me smile.  
 We had a rainbow fruit platter.  Complete with fluffy fruit dip as a cloud, and a pot of gold on the other end.

 A very heavy cake.
 Necklaces, horns, hair braids, and lots of candy.

 Jonah was a big fan of the fruit, and we found out he loves Cheeze It's!
 Jeff's mom, Jan got to come in for the day!
 Blowing out the candle!
 Our sweet cousin Ellery and her two cousins came to celebrate with us too!
{note: my girls faces in both pictures}