Thursday, September 29, 2011

Family Pictures - Fall 2011

A dear friend of mine from elementary school ( has become an incredible photographer! We were in Nashville a few weeks ago, and had her take our family pictures. Thanks Amy!!
My wonderful family

Our 3 incredible Blessings - All different and yet so similar!
How can this face not just make you smile?

Haley is getting so old.  This is probably the best picture I have seen of her in a while - such a good natural smile!

How can I pass up the little feet shot??  I LOVE little feet!!

This captures Caitlin's personality so well!

I love that after 10 years - he still makes me smile like this all the time, and I feel like it on the inside!  I love this man!!!

Jonah - 7 months and moving up!

Not too long ago - Jeff comes to tell me he was walking through the front of the house and little man escaped to the stairs - This is what Jeff found.  Can you see how proud he is??  He's gotten to the second step a few times. Yikes!
Pushing up
he's about to go ... not sure I have the one of him actually on the next step.  But he got there and was sooo proud!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Crafts

First of all, I have been wanting to make some baby toys.  This blanket looking one is a "Crinkle Toy" - there's a plastic-y middle that crinkles really good when grabbed.
Then there is they soft block.  Babies love things that squish!

Then we have my new front door wreath.  I took it at night, so I needed the flash - it's not this bright in real life.  It's tons of felt flowers.  I got the idea here

And Jeff made the girls (and one day Jonah too) an A Frame tent frame to throw blankets over.  It's a HUGE hit!  Haley got to sleep in it the other night - she was in heaven!

The first night we had it up - the girls got to watch a movie in it and eat dinner.  I have such an awesome husband, who loves to do things for his girls!