Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jonah is 8 weeks!

WOW! Where did the last 2 months go? My baby boy is already 8 weeks old!! I can't believe it's been that much time already.
Well, not too much has changed with our sweet boy. He is doing a LOT of smiling. We have found him to be a little ticklish on his tummy and the back of his neck. He actually laughs. Not a loud laugh, but a gasping while smiling. He is doing an awesome job sleeping. Our little man started to sleep THROUGH the night this weekend. And by that, I mean - I wake him up at 10 to feed him one last time, and he's been sleeping til 6 or 7!! What a rejovonated Momma I am! I am finding that with this baby - I am wanting him to stay a baby longer. With the girls - I was so excited and ready for the next phase. But with Jonah, I am sad that he's reaching his milestones. I want my baby to stay a baby longer. I know, I know - he's still very much a baby. But I can see it passing by too quickly already.

The girls still just love him to death! Caitlin wants to kiss him all the time, while Haley Grace just wants to hold him and play with him. They are such sweet big sisters to him.