Monday, April 27, 2009

Dining Room Floors

Here is our nice new floor! 
Jeff and I spent a few hours on Friday and about 
half of Saturday putting in the hardwood.
Well worth our time and energy!

During the process.

Below is how it looked when we bought the house.

the rest of Knoxville trip

Papa, Haley and Papa Jan were singing all kinds of songs! 
 Dan with  his guitar, and Jan with her "mics".  They were having so much fun!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Haley in Action!

Here is Haley in action!  

Soccer Begins!

Haley Grace's First Soccer Game!

She had to wear her pink bow!

Haley and her new friend, Lilly.  
She lives down the street and her mom is the coach.

Haley and Daddy!  

She did such a good job!  No big tears this time.
And her team scored like 7 or 8 goals!

Sing Alleluia

Great Day for Serving the Lord

Psalm 50:15

Haley's Preschool Program!

Haley Grace was so excited that she got to be a kangaroo!
And that she has a baby kangaroo in her belly,
 like Mommy has a baby in her belly!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Baby Shower

I had a diaper shower. 
And I decided that since it took HG 1 1/2 years to poop in the potty 
(and I washed out her undies over and over and over)
 - I could do cloth!  I am oddly excited about it!

These are the diapers!  Look how cute they are!
Some adjust with velcro and some have snaps.

Here is the nursing cover that I made myself.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Knoxville Visit/ Baby Shower

My two beautiful hostesses!  Jordan and Melissa!

Marlee (due in just days), Susannah and Emily

Katie and Stacy J

Me and Stacy J

Haley and one of  her best friends, Corinne!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jeff's brother Rob, and his wife Jordan, 
and their son Zachary came to visit us 
the weekend after Dan and Jan.   
We had so much fun with them! 

Our best video of the Peabody Ducks!

Rob, Jodan, and Zachary on the trolley

Me, Haley and Jeff on the trolley

For dinner one night we went to The Commisary!  
They have some GOOD BBQ!!

Last Beach Trip for a while!

So my sister and I are both about to have our babies.  
We love going to the beach together, 
and we get to ride in the same car.  Once these babies come, 
we won't be able to all fit in a car together.  So sad.

The kids LOVE to play in the sand and water!

Poor Haley, she's like me.  She burns.  
Her eyes were actually pretty swollen!  

Dabney took them to a water splash pad.  
I was back in the condo with feet so burned,
they were swollen 2x their size!!  
And I couldn't walk on them they were so swollen and painful!

Dan and Jan come to Visit

Dan and Jan came in for the weekend about 4 weeks ago.  We went to the Peabody Hotel to show Papa and Papa Jan the ducks!  Then took a trolley ride through down town.