Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

Our first snow day this year! We saw it was supposed to snow on Monday, so Haley went to bed thinking she might not have to go to school. It started snowing Sunday night, and when we woke up Monday morning we had about 4 inches! I didn't sleep at all that night - the snow made it seem so bright, that I thought it was 6:30/7 every time I woke up. (which was every hour or so)
Caitlin was up at 5:00! Very unusual, she's usually up around 6:30/ 7. Then HG was up at 5:30. Also, unusual!

The moment Haley looked outside and saw snow, she shrilled with Glee! Jeff was up with Caitlin, and she was just fussy. (turns out she had an ear infection - but we didn't know it at the time) So all of these pictures were taken before 9:00!
Once Haley got the hang of making snowballs, she had a blast.

Trying out the saucer.
Daddy giving her lessons on packing the snow into a ball.
Daddy pushing Haley down the driveway - she later did the running and jumping on the saucer.
Jeff had to have his fun too!