Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trying my hand at dresses

So, for 5 years now, I have relied on my sweet talented sister for all of my little girl dresses. Well, time has come for me to step out and make my own. I am making the girls matching Easter dresses, and wanted to try it out first before the real thing. So here is my first attempt. Caitlin is still a little sick, so she's not fully cooperative, but you can see the dress. Haley's still needs a little tweaking. Hopefully today!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sick of sick

Well, Haley Grace was down for 6 whole days! She was just pittyful! But now she's better, just to have Caitlin taken in for her 5th ear infection in just a few months (around 3 I think). After being on the 4th antibiotic, she got WORSE. : ( Oh that poor girl. Yesterday she was running a 103.5 fever for a while. Praise God that she didn't get much higher, or we would have found ourselves in the ER for the night. This morning, I took her in to the Dr. Her bad ear infection has gotten worse and one of her ears has gotten really bad. So, we were left with giving her the injection antibiotic. I really don't like giving those, but sometimes it's just what might be neccesary. My poor baby girl hasn't really been the same since she started getting ear infections. So this afternoon after the medicine had some time to kick in - I saw a glimps of her again! Oh what a joyous smile she has!! She was crawling around on the floor, playing. She hasn't done that much lately. Thank you God, for giving us doctors to help us.
Now we are scheduled to visit and ENT. I am pretty sure that he will be recommending tubes for her little ears. All I know - is I want what is best for her. I don't want her to keep having these aweful infections, being in such pain. My prayer is that we are given wisdom as her parents to make the decision that is best for her.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Haley Grace

This week Haley has been sick, which has made me miss her crazy and fun personality. Haley plays really well by herself, so I don't notice as much of her organizing until I find all of her toys placed in odd places. She LOVES to put things together and lay them out in rows, groups, etc. Usually I'll walk into a room to find the Kleenex box mostly empty and the tissues laid around the room (strategically) with random "things" (aka toys or anything) placed on top of them. Sometimes they are just little block like things, sometimes they are the different animals/ dolls.
A few weeks ago, my mother in law was about to throw out her boy's Bristle Blocks (from the 80's). Haley saw them and asked if she could have them. WOW! Who would have guessed they would produce HOURS and HOURS of imagination play!?!?!

Haley is also quite creative. She loves to do crafts. She also LOVES anything pretty. Put the two together, and this is what you get! Her "pretty" face! This is by the way, markers. She was specific about it apparently, each color was placed exactly where she wanted it to be!
And, as much as she doesn't like to get dirty and yuck - she LOVES to play in the snow.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Haley's Class reciting Robert Frost

Walking Through Woods On A Snowy Evening by Robert Frost.

Haley's homeschool class learned this 4 stanza poem! I am so proud of them!