Saturday, August 10, 2013

Haley Turns 9

I just realized, I have not blogged in just shy of ONE year!  Wow!  Uh - didn't intend on that.  

Haley turns 9 tomorrow!  Crazy!!  She's in 4th grade and seems so old!  She's loving reading, animals, reading about animals, horses, crafts, mermaids, and the color purple.

 We decided to do a carnival party this year.  
Here's the popcorn cupcakes.  :) pretty cool, huh?  It's just marshmallows.  you pinch them in half, and put a bunch on an iced cupcake.  The butter look is yellow food coloring in some water.

 Our games were Balloon Darts

 A photo booth
 Ring Toss
 Pin the Nose on the Clown

 Photo booth fun!!

Snacks and prizes
 Caitlin and our sweet cousin Ellery

 Jonah trying to play too.