Thursday, May 26, 2011

Home Projects: 1

Recently, we bought Haley Grace new bedding. Her old bedding was just getting yuck. I wanted to get her something new and fun, but still something that she could grow with. Nothing too babyish, or too grown up. So fun stripes and polka dots in bright colors it is!
I was really wanting to make something so I found a few blogs on making headboards. I made this headboard all by myself!! Jeff graciously let me use his power tools. Thanks Love!
I drew out my design, then cut it out with the jig saw.
Next, I cut out 2 inch dense foam, put in on the wood, then stapled batting around it.
I used an old window curtain (white) and had some scrap pink fabric that I used for the buttons.
My headboard cost me less than $15! And a lot of that was the high density foam.
Now we just need to paint over the old stripes in the room, and get a bed frame for the mattresses.

Summer has begun!

Yesterday, the girls were playing outside. I heard the water turn on, and thought "Oh, Haley must be giving Roscoe more water."
A while later, I looked outside - this is what I saw. :) Love that my girls like to play in the mud.

Needless to say, they both got a good rinse off in the hose - then came in for a good bath!

Jonah is getting so big. He's holding his head up really well now! He's even spending some time in the exersaucer. I think he prefers to sit up and look around, and he loves watching the girls. He is enjoying his playmat a little more - now that he can accidentally hit the toys.

Pushing up!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another CouponTrip

Here is my latest trip to Kroger!
Everything was on sale, and almost everything had a coupon too!
So, I bought 44 items.
Cost before savings: $129.60
Total Savings: $75.02
Grand Total Paid: $54.58
That's just under 60% savings!! Super excited about this order. I got 8 boxes of pasta FREE, 2 things of BBQ sauce FREE, 4 gallons of water for $50, 6 boxes of cereal
(2 of which were just $.25),
frozen pizzas, 3 packs of yogurt, greek yogurt, hershey's kisses, a tooth brush, waffles, and some frozen meals. Woo Hoo!!
I love saving money!

On another note - yesterday Jonah was 12 weeks old! We tried taking some pictures, but they didn't turn out so well. This hair is cracking me up!
Jeff is getting ready for football season. He had to get Jonah his first UT shirt.