Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pink Eye

So this is a little out of order, but as we left the hospital, Caitlin somehow got pink eye. So for the next week, HG wasn't allowed to touch anything other than Caitlin's feet. This was difficult for her - as she wanted to kiss all over her little sister and hug her. So one night we took pictures of HG holding C's feet - to make it more special - I think they turned out cute!


My sister came to visit, since she didn't really get to visit with us while I was in the hospital. Her youngest, number 5, was born just 4 weeks before Caitlin was.

Dabney getting to spend some time with Caitlin

The oldest, Mattie Van
(BTW: check out those LONG feet on Caitlin!)

Carlie wanted to hold her the whole time!

William and Caitlin - he is 4 weeks older, but looks so much bigger to me!

Our first week at home

The first week home with two kids was not so bad. Yes, there is a little adjusting going on. And yes, HG is having a little hard time as well. But for the most part it is really great. HG LOVES her little sister so much. She wants to just hug and kiss on her all the time.
As we came home from the hospital, C's eye looked a little watery. A few days later - she had pink eye. :( Poor girl. We had to do the drops in her eye 3 x a day for a whole week. And this also meant that HG couldn't love on her like she wanted. That was not something we needed - for another kid to get pink eye and it just get passed around and around.
For the first few days my mom was here to help - thank you so much mom! And the next weekend, my in-laws came to see us! We loved having all of our family come and see our new precious little girl - and to spend a little extra time with HG too!

Caitlin and her May May

Our sleeping angel

First Bath

One Week Old!

Papa and Papa Jan came to visit!

Haley loves to have stories read to her
- Jan can still mulit-task!

We had a great time with Dan and Jan!
Thank you so much for making the trip!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Caitlin

It is Monday morning, and I have some time alone. I thought I would write about the birth of our second daughter.
Last week, I was 2 weeks past my due date. My Dr had not wanted me to go so far past my due date, but I was not sure that I wanted to be induced. Monday morning was my scheduled induction. After long thought and prayer, I was ok with that. So we went in Monday to be induced, but we were sent home after being there for about an hour. A
pparently, you are not supposed to eat before an induction. I didn't know that. I just know that I needed some energy for the possible long process that was about to occur.
My induction was now scheduled for Wednesday, June 3. - 5AM!!! So Jeff and I got all ready again for the hospital. We get there a
t 5, and got back in the room by 5:30. My doctor di
dn't get to
the hospital until 7:30. She broke my water by 7:40. Nothing really happened. I had some very MIL
D contractions for a while. Our doula Penny, who helped us with the labor and birth was great. Noon time rolls around, and still nothing is really happening. So on comes the Pitocin. :( I was a bit sad at this point. Pitocin was the last thing I wanted. But here I was with my water broken, and nothing happening, and now getting the Pitocin. 2:00 rolls around and still not too much going on. My sister had come up to the hospital, leaving her 4 older kids and HG with my dad at our house. I remember some contractions here -but not enough pain to make me stop smiling and laughing and talking. Those came around 4:00. By 7:00ish, I was so ready to
be done. Pitocin makes for some HARD contractions once it kicks in. 7:30 - Finally, it
was time. There were a few pushes, but nothing seemed to be happening.
With every push, our little girl was closer.
7:41 - Caitlin Abigail Kuban was born!! Halleluia!

Caitlin Abigail - 8lbs, 1 oz. 21 inches long!

Our new sweet baby girl!

Big sister getting to meet Caitlin for the first time!

May May, Aunt Caroline, and Aunt Dabney were there to welcome Caitlin!

My sweet friend Jamie came up a little bit later and brought Jeff and I some Chick - fil - A