Thursday, May 10, 2012


So, in the last post you saw the girl's making Easter cookies.  That was about a few days before Easter.  I was excited about Easter this year.  Was looking forward to really celebrating it with the kids.  Saturday night, we went out and did a few things, came home to put the kids in bed.  As Jeff and I were going to bed, I felt bad.  Something just didn't feel right.  By around midnight - I was still lying awake, just wishing I could go on and throw up, when Haley gets up crying.  She ended up throwing up ALL night long.  Pretty sure about every hour she was up, then I was up too.  So our night was horrible.  Needless to say Easter morning/ day was spent with Haley and I in bed.  Fast forward 3 weeks, and we finally were all able to go to church together.  All those Easter outfits we bought were finally able to be worn, and family pictures were taken.  So here's our family.  (and lets just say, Caitlin is her own person - and she's a nut)
Haley - 7 1/2 yrs old

Caitlin - almost 3

Jonah - 15 months

Here are the best two family pictures we got.  Caitlin is just the silliest girl ever.  

American Heritage Girl's Tea Party

A while ago - we went to a tea party with Haley's troop in American Heritage Girls.  We got all dressed up for it.  The older girls in the troop actually planned everything and did all the food/ drinks.  We had fun.  Haley was introduced to typical "tea" food.  Not my favorite either.  And she had to learn about eating small amounts of food, as opposed to loading her plate with all her favorite things there.  She also learned how properly sip her tea (aka - lemonade).