Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cousin Time - Day 1

About 2 weeks ago, my sister called to tell me they sold their house - ?? hmm.  Their house was not on the  market.  Long story short - God sold their house to make way for possibly adopting another baby.   Her youngest, (#5) Little W, is the same age as Caitlin.  So I had her send him to me for the week so she could really get packing.  We've had a wonderful time.  4 kids is definately more than my 3, but in a lot of ways it's easier.  The middle two play together so well!

Eating Oreo cookies for snack. 
 LOTS of hugs!
 Such a beautiful little boy, huh??
 It's precious - they are right by each other's side constantly!  I think they are looking at Roscoe here.
And more dog watching.  They are LOVING him!

Kid's Crafts

We are getting into summer, and it's so hot we like to stay inside most of the time.  I thought doing some crafts would be fun.  I found this site Skip to My Lou where she's got 30 days of crafts to do!  Our first attempt is friendship bracelets.  Haley caught on quickly and has enjoyed making them!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kid Wash

This weekend Jeff decided to make a cool sprinkler for the girls.  Being as how Caitlin doesn't like to get her head wet, she's not a big fan.  BUT ... Haley Grace LOVED it!  We had so mcuh fun with it!  Thanks Jeff!!
Even though Caitlin didn't like the sprinkler so much, she loved playing in her water table, and of course what fun is it to play in water with out Pop Ice!?!? 

Jonah's 4 Months

This is Easter Sunday - I was trying to get a picture of his amazing curls.  Now that his hair is growing out - the curls are falling out too. :(

Jonah had his 4 month check up yesterday.  His stats are:
Height: 25.75 in (88%)
Weight: 14 lb 3.5 oz (42%)
Head: 42 (62%)

It looks like Jonah might be tall like his daddy!  Haley Grace was similar to this - tall and skinny - then went real chucky around 2, then super thin and lean again around 4. 

Jonah is such a fun little boy - he's laughing and squeeling a lot!  (usually at me I might add)  He rolls over from belly to back all the time, which tends to make him mad.  He's trying to roll from back to belly - usually gets to his side. 

We are about to start cereal with him - it's making me sad.  This means he's not as much of a baby anymore.  With him, I have been more sad at his milestones, wanting him to stay little a little longer. 

His new favorite past time is the exersaucer!!!  Keeps him up right, and looking around, while giving him plenty of toys to chew on.  It also allows for little sister (Caitlin) to come and attack him at any given moment.  She still loves to kiss him and hug him, and with him in the exersaucer, he's at her level.  Perfect! :)

Jonah is not sleeping well.  I was just looking at Caitlin's sheet of paper where I wrote down all her accomplishments.  At 9 weeks she was sleeping 9-10 hrs a night.  Jonah is still struggling to stay asleep for 4 hrs at a time.  Like, last night - I woke him at 9:15 to eat - he was up at 11:30, 12, 3 and 5.  All that eating makes for one tired Momma!  But at least he just wakes up to eat, then goes right back to sleep.

Life with 3 kids has been a little hard.  More to juggle.  More crying.  BUT more smiles!  More kisses and huggs!  I think the 2 babies is what gets me the most.  When they are both crying at the same time - it's really hard.  I know this stage won't last long, so I'm trying to enjoy it as long as it's here.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Caitlin turns two

June 3, 2011 -
Good morning to our little girl!  Caitlin woke up to a sister so happy that we had a birthday girl in the house.  Haley could not wait to give Cailin her birthday present. 
We got her a Cozy Coupe.  Caitlin LOVES it!

Breakfast was blueberry waffles - made by big sister Haley.

What fun would syrup be with out getting it all in your hair??

The three Kuban kids!
Caitlin stayed in this ALL day!  She even ate lunch in it while watching TV.
YAY!  Papa Jan and Uncle Kevin came for the weekend!!
After dinner - we went to Gracie Bleu's for some incredible frozen yogurt!  The only picture I got was of little Jonah.  :)  So happy.  
Uncle Kevin

Papa Jan

Uncle Richard

Happy Birthday Caitie girl!  We had strawberry lemonade, and strawberry lemonade cupcakes/ cake.  Caitlin was not excited about blowing out candles.  But eating the mini cupcakes was awesome!!
Opening presents.  - she didn't get it right away.  But once she started seeing there were toys inside - woo hoo!! 

Aunt Caroline and Ellery

Sweet Ellery - she and Caitlin kept hugging each other and knocking each other over.

Cousin Picture!
The Kuban's and the Kuebler's -
minus the 5 Masonites - we missed you!!
The water table is outside now - and a HUGE hit!
Pop and Jonah

Papa Jan and Jonah
Uncle Kevin playing with Caitlin.
Some good snuggle time with Pop